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Routine Eye Exam

A routine eye exam usually consists of testing visual acuity which measures the sharpness of your vision. Pupil dilation, a color blindness test, cover test, and retinoscopy are also performed during a routine exam.

Family Eye Center

Family Eye Center offers all types of contact lenses, consultation and follow-up for laser surgery, glaucoma diagnosis and management and has fashion Eyewear and sunglasses (prescription and non-prescription).

Healthy Eyes For Your Kids

Contact Family Eye Center for your family's eye health needs. We will provide comprehensive exams for anyone in your family. It is recommended that children have their eyes examined by a professional at an early age.

Trust an experienced optometrist to provide you with the most comprehensive eye exam. Dr. Tracy J. Montierth has been serving the Safford, AZ area for over 25 years. We accept all varieties of insurance and medicare.

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