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Dr. Tracy J. Montierth

What type of contact lense is best for you?

Soft Contact Lenses

Soft lenses are just what they sound like, soft and pliable. They are made of plastics that are permeable and are generally considered to be more comfortable than the rigid type lenses.

Rigid Lenses

A lot of people choose the rigid lense due to their durability and ability to resist deposit build-up. They are typically less expensive and last longer than the soft contact lenses.

More Lense Choices:

- Extended wear contact lenses

- Disposable contact lenses

- Decorative contact lenses, such as

 fashion lenses, Halloween lenses,

 color contact lenses, and

 cosmetic lenses

The options for contact lenses are numerous. Make an appointment with Family Eye Center and Dr. Tracy J. Montierth will discuss your best options with you.

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