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Choosing the right frames

Are you a student, a fast-paced professional, a busy mom or dad, a child getting their first pair of glasses, an athlete? Whatever your lifestyle, you need eyeglasses to suit your personality, let us help.

3 things to consider:

- Face shape: the shape of the frames should contrast with the face shape

- Best feature: use blue frames to accentuate blue eyes

- Face size: choose the right scale

Eyeglass options:

- Prescription sunglasses

- Protective glasses

- Unisex eyeglasses

- Specialty eyeglasses, such as for

 driving, computer work, safety

 glasses, sport glasses and hobbies

- Children's eyeglasses

We have a range of eyeglass styles available at Family Eye Center. Dr. Tracy J. Montierth can perform an exam for you today and help you choose new and improved glasses.

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